The Opsson Heat1 is amazing, an amazing hit. Do you know you can run two Whatsapp accounts on one phone? Yes, you can run two Whatsapp accounts on the Opsson Heat1

Step 1: Go to the menu on your Heat1

Step 2: Click on the Parallel Space application on your Heat1



Step 3: Register your other Whatsapp number


And there you go, it’s as easy as that on the Opsson Heat1.

You can purchase the Heat1 at Konga, Slot, Pointek, Liberty devices in Nigeria.


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  • phil  September 24, 2016 at 4:43 am

    How much is the phone and how do I get my purchase

  • Akpor Idris Tialobi  October 11, 2016 at 11:52 am

    Dear Sir/Ma,
    I believe this mail meets you in a very lovely and happy mood, Good afternoon…
    I’m Mr Akpor Idris Tialobi, and I write you from Jos, plateau state. I really would loved to profer an idea or two about your brand, and possible actions to take in order to enhance sales here in Jos market.
    FIRST and foremost,I strongly feel there should be more publicity in terms of flyers, and wall posters. This will help greatly in attracting peoples attention to the brand. To be really honest, this brand doesn’t have a lot of publicity here in Jos market. So the introduction of these flyers /product guides and wall posters will really go a long way in promoting the products in this Jos market.
    SECONDLY, considering the fact that the prices of these devices are affordable, when compared to the prices of other brands in this same market,I believe that more emphasis be placed in promoting the purchase of these devices in the larger outlets here in Jos(for example, Buletz comms,Hamaz, Twins phones, Zenith comms,Alexis,etc). These are outlets with huge traffic daily, and also serve as wholesale and retailers to other smaller outlets here in Jos.
    THIRDLY, there is a need to organise road shows. This serves as a medium of attracting the general public to the fact that there is another brand that is really good, and affordable as well. I also believe this will go a very long way in promoting the products/devices.
    FOURTH, I believe it will really be important if there are at least, 2 or 3 promoters stationed in some of these major outlets I mentioned above. This will further help in pushing the sales of the devices, as these major dealers are confident that there are promoters attached to these brands in their outlets to assist in pushing them. This will in turn, give them the confidence to purchase more devices.
    Finally, with the advent of the Heat 1,a device that supports dual whatsapp,I strongly believe that there should be more publicity in terms of flyers on this particular brand. There has not been a device in Jos market before that supports 2 whatsapp.I strongly believe that with this device alone, it will be a very wonderful edge to use in penetrating into the market fiercely.
    In conclusion,I am Mr Akpor Idris Tialobi, and I worked with Melocom,a company contracted by Microsoft to push the sales of Lumia phones, Microsoft accessories, Microsoft Windows softwares, and Acer laptops and computers.I worked as the state rep overseeing the activities here in the Jos market.I could be contacted on 07032286541.I have also forwarded my CV to your company for the present job opening,as I have as well contacted one Mr Yemi on your customer care hotline.
    Have a lovely day,and I look forward to hearing from you Sir/Ma.
    Thanks, Akpor Idris Tialobi


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